Air heating unit draws heat from different heat sources, such as water or electricity. The built-in fan ensures fast and effective spread of heat throughout the premises.

The heating and ventilation system which meets all modern requirements. This series stands out for its features: multi-speed AC motor, wide model range, flexible automation settings, affordable price. The wide choice of automatics enables to maintain various operation modes including individual or group settings, manual or automatic control, multi-level temperature adjustment or maintenance of the set temperature in the premises.


This is the most advanced solution, remarkable for its energy-saving and flexibility of the equipment controls setting. Usage of ECP 220 programmable electronic controller allows to provide optimum microclimate within the premises. PROTON EC can be easily integrated into the microclimate-maintaining systems based on the modern automatized control systems.


Destratificator (ceiling fan) is intended for preventing the effect of thermal stratification–accumulation of warm air in the upper part of the premises. PROTON DTR forces warm air from the upper part down to the working zone that reduces the heat loss through the walls, speeds up heating of the building and insures maintaining the necessary temperature. Usage of PROTON DTR is the most critical in the radiant-heated facilities or the premises heated by conventional means, e.g. radiators or warm floors.


The series is based on the modular approach and wide choice of individual options and solutions. You may optionally choose: motors, nozzles, louvers, shape of the front cover. PROTON PRO - wide choice of options.

This equipment is designed for operation in the premises under extra hard conditions: increased dustiness, air-suspended aggressive particles, exposure to corrosion. The design solutions applied in this series to a great extent contribute to the safety of operation and increase the unit’s life time. PROTON GUARD sets the new standard of industrial air heater due to a number of progressive techniques: special casing structure, heat exchanger with polymeric protective coating, increased thickness of lamellas and widened inter-lamella intervals.



Cataphoretic coating enhances anticorrosion properties of the heat exchanger and decreases accumulation of dirt. The coating has high resistance to physical and chemical actions which leads to longer useful life of the air heater PROTON GUARD in an aggressive ambient. The air heater can be applied in buildings with a high content of caustic substances. 


The geometry of the heat exchanger provides extra protection against dust and aggressive particles. Effective copper -aluminum heat exchanger has high efficiency and provide optimal heating capacity.


Easy servicing is met due to its construction. The heat exchanger has increased space between louvers for proper and effective use in the agricultural sphere. Thickened louvers provide resistance to deformations when cleaning the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger construction enables to clean the air heater with compressed air or water under high pressure. 


Enhanced protection grade to use in buildings with specific conditions: increased dust, aggressive particles in the air. Can be completed with AC or EC motors.


Installation at the height from 2 meters from the end point of the air heater allows to mount the equipment in buildings with low ceilings and maintain comfortable temperature. 

It is designed for heating the industrial premises and warehouses under the conditions of extra explosion safety. This equipment is to be mounted in the premises with increased probability of explosion due to interaction with hazardous environments and because of certain technological processes.

It is an air heater with electrical heating. Usage of PROTON EL is extremely effective in the conditions of no-access to the hot water supply. These models are equipped with the TEHs made of high-alloy stainless steel which insures high intensity of heat exchange and long-lasting trouble-free work of equipment.


The air heater/cooler PROTON FROST is used for cooling or heating middle- and large-size buildings such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, sports facilities etc. Water droplet catcher with directing louvers and condensate tray provide reliability and effectiveness of using PROTON FROST for maintaining necessary temperatures in winter or in spring.